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The prevalence of eCommerce web sites have exploded on the Web in the past few years. There are literally millions of different e-commerce sites. An eCommerce website provides business with an extra avenue to sell their products and services.  In fact many businesses are moving away from the traditional bricks and mortar store front and using the internet as a more cost effective alternative to sell to their client base.  The eCommerce website also enables businesses to easily extend their client base out of their traditional geographical boundaries and sell to the world.

So why should the customer buy from your website instead of a competitor?  A successful eCommerce website is comprised of the following key ingredients:

  • Professional design - An attractive well designed eCommerce website will capture a prospective buyers attention, ensuring that they do not suddenly click away;
  • Useability - An eCommerce website needs to ensure that the process of selecting and purchasing products and services for a customer is as simple and intuitive as possible.  Minimising the clicks is essential;
  • Trustworthy - If a customer is going to hand over personal details such as their credit card or personal details, they need to feel that the website portrays trust and reliability.  A professional look along with essential SSL encryption help to secure a customers personal information while conveying trust;
  • Flexibility - Providing your customers with options for payment methods or shipping ensures that you do not impose any restrictions on your prospective customers that might force them to rethink their purchase.
  • Management - Catering for all your customers needs is essential, but you also need the tools to manage your online business.  Once you have customers purchasing goods from your website you need to be able to manage the process of fulfilling orders, tracking sales and other statistics.  You also need the flexibility to change your product or service offering as the needs and wants of your customer base change;

Identity Boost are focussed on delivering eCommerce solutions that are both geared to the specific requirements of our customers and comprised of all the critical ingredients for success. 

Here are some of the key features of the Identity Boost eCommerce Solution.

Identity Boost eCommerce Website Features

Managing Products & Categories

The Identity Boost eCommerce website solution enables the store owner to add, edit or delete any products including adding product images, information about the product such as product specifications, assign related products and more.  Products can also be assigned to one or more categories.  e.g. Articles of clothing such as a skirt may be placed in a category called 'skirts' to enable prospective customers' to easiliy find products of a common type.

Product Pricing 

There are a number of options available in terms pricing.  A product may be assigned a fixed price and/or the product may also be comprised of tier pricing based on quantity. 

Coupons and Discounts

Coupons can easily be setup for clients and used during the checkout process.  Discounts can also be setup to enable selective discounts by product, order and/or specific customer groups. A wholesale customer discount structure can be created in conjunction with retail sales.

Payment Methods

The Identity Boost shopping cart can be configured to accept a range of payment methods including:

  • Credit Card Payments - Credit card payments are processed in real-time ensuring that the customer can be informed immediately as to whether their transaction was successful.  The Identity Boost CMS can accept all major credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners and JCB credit cards.
  • PayPal - PayPal offers an alternative payment method for customers who want to keep their financial information private.
  • Purchase Order - The purchase order option enables customers to place an order without having to pay for the order immediately.  The payment process is managed offline.  This payment method can be particularly useful for a wholesaler looking to enable their customer base to place orders online.
  • Other - There are a number of other alternative payment methods that can easily be setup.  Payment methods can be restricted by country if required.

Delivery Charging

The Identity Boost eCommerce Website Solution enables specific delivery charging models to be setup based on weight and dimensions of products and fixed price delivery.  Multiple delivery methods can be setup allowing the customer to choose their preferred delivery method.  E.g. By road, air etc.

Content Management 

A CMS WYSIWIG (What you see is what you get) editor enables store owners to edit the textual content for product pages, category pages and other pages of the website.  Text can easily be formatted to change font styles, add bullet points and numbering, url links and more.

Other Features

  • Optional Anonymous checkout
  • Optional One-page Checkout
  • Gift Cards
  • Wishlists
  • Recurring Products
  • Support for kit products (e.g. Build your own computer)
  • Multicurrency support
  • Measure weights, measure dimensions
  • Real-time currency exchange rates (ECB)
  • SSL support
  • Export/import (XML, Excel)
  • PDF order receipts
  • Sales Pricing
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Customers can view their order history and order statuses
  • Password recovery
  • IP Blacklist

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